Warning instant noodles consumers of malnutrition

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June 27, 2009
Bangkok (ASTV Manager Online) – Taking instant noodles for a long time is bad for health since the body will lack other essential nutrients.

Dr. Narangsant Peerakij, deputy secretary general of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said the major ingredient of instant noodles was carbohydrate and consumers possibly lack other nutrients when taking instant noodles continually.

It was suggested other food items such as fresh vegetables, meat or egg should be added to the instant noodles dish.

Instant noodles normally have sodium which is up to 50-100 percent higher than the proper amount human body needs per day.

Kidney will be affected if the body receives excessive sodium continually. The situation will be worse for a kidney patient since sodium will cause high blood pressure.

Instant noodles are pre-cooked noodles with oil and often sold in a packet. Various flavors such as minced pork and Tom Yum Gung are available.

To cook the dish, instant noodles are put in boiling water for three-five minutes, and sometimes are eaten straight from the packet.