Letter from Hainan

เผยแพร่:   โดย: เสียงประชาชน

Dear Friends,

Really thanks for your TV and your TV show programs.

Few days ago, I receive your Asia Satellite Network TV from 95.0 Satellite.

I enjoy it, enjoy Thailand culture, enjoy Thailand costune Buddhist, enjoy every thing, etc. I like it.

I live in Hainan island, it is not far from Thailand, almost we are neighborhood.

Lots of free Thailand programs are gotten from 95.0 satellite, I am special crazy about international chaonel. Second, I also like News 1 channel. Though I don’t understand Thai language, I am watching the news video, I can understand what happen in Thailand. Emphasis, the interesting in Thailand and India news.

So beautiful and amazing Thailand, I want to take a trip to Thailand one day in future, if I got enough money. Just do It!!!

My dear friends, if you got my fox letter, please send one email to me, let me know that you have heard my voice, my mailbox is chenyuanjing2002@hotmail.com

chen yuan jing