Sex and marriage with robots?

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The idea of having a robot as your sex partner is more frightening than considering a woman as a sex object, isn't it?.
Sexbots are a staple of science fiction -- the idea of robots as sex partners is explored, for instance, in recent films and television series like Ex-Machina and Westworld.
But some specialists believe the first animated lovers made of metal, rubber and plastic, programmed to provide sexual bliss, will take a step into reality just months from now.
Sex with robots can be just around the corner as the first sexbots are coming some time next year.
Sex robots will be marketed next year. They will be able to walk and talk like humans.
The Kissenger, which attaches to your mobile phone, contains sensors to detect the pressure of a kiss and transmit it to your partners device in real time. It has been under development for several years.
Now students at Tokyos Keio University are developing the Teletongue, aimed at providing remote oral interaction and designed to be kinky, according to co-creator Dolhathai Kaewsermwong.
Robots of the future will be patient, kind, protective, loving, never jealous, boastful, arrogant, rude, artificial intelligence expert David Levy said -- unless of course you want them to be. At this point, we may wonder if human partners are not kind and loving enough.